Word: Invasion
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The act of invading; the act of an army that invades for conquest or plunder.

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Definition Complexity: 43494

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noam0011k wrote:
when an army goes into a place that doesn't belong to it in order to take over it or take stuff from people who live there.

Definition Complexity: 6646
Improvement over original definition: 36848

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klade19990 wrote:
An entity or entities moving to occupy a space, where they are unwanted, in an attempt to take over said space, or objects residing in such. Usually through blatant and hostile means

Definition Complexity: 81870
Improvement over original definition: -38376

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Emma.Brown518k wrote:
to be over run by something

Definition Complexity: 724
Improvement over original definition: 42770

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Ava.Brown1028k wrote:
Using an area that does not belong to you. Usually done to upset someone else

Definition Complexity: 5601
Improvement over original definition: 37893

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Emma.Thomas919k wrote:
To take over.

Definition Complexity: 222
Improvement over original definition: 43272

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