Frequenlty Asked Questions

How is the definition complexity calculated?

Each word in the definition is given a score based on its frequency in English, 1 being the score for the most frequent word ("you"), and clipping at 10,000.
The definition complexity is simply the sum of the scores of its words.

How is an answer's score calculated?

The complexity of the alernative definition in the answer is calculated in the same way the original definition's complexity was.
Then, Compare the original definition's complexity with the complexity of the answer, and the answer's score is the difference divided by 10.
In equation form:
answer score = (original definition complexity - new definition complexity) / 10

Try to rephrase and/or reword the definition to make it simpler, but still retain its meaning (there's an interactive complexity calculator below the answer box).

Note: For each word/post, each user gets points only for his single best definition of that word.

What's the upvote/downvote for?

Upvote definitions you think are accurate, downvote definitions that don't properly capture the meaning of the original definition
Each upvote will give you 100 bonus points, but downvotes will remove them (though you will never recieve a negative amount of points because of downvotes).

In equation form, for each answer:
upvote bonus points = (#upvotes - #downvotes) x 10 (or 0 if there are more downvotes than upvotes)

Any bonuses?

Improving upon the best (least complex) definition grants its poster an extra 500 points.
Every thumb-up an answer has awards its poster an extra 100 points (see above).


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